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We are a handful of old timers trying to bring the sport of Quickshot to the masses! Cowboy Quickshot is a fun, family-friendly western themed gun slinging activity that allows all to immerse themselves as a cowboy or cowgirl. All our guns are CO2 air soft pistols that shoot a small wax bullet.

What is Cowboy Quickshot?

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What people say about Us.

Cowboy Quickshot was so much fun, I felt like I had a chance to live my child hood dreams of being a gunslinger in the Wild West. Great atmosphere and a fun, unique, and exciting experience.


South Jordan, UT

Cowboy Quickshot is amazing! The different games are so fun and kept us entertained the whole time. They have cowboy hats and holsters that are the cherry on top for the whole experience!


Provo, UT

I loved going to Quickshot with my 4 friends! It’s easy to learn, well-themed with cowboy hats and holsters you can wear, and uses a super cool technology for the targets. A fun date night, company activity, or birthday party place for sure.


Provo, UT

My family and I had such a great time at Cowboy Quickshot. We felt immersed in the western atmosphere and loved being able to shoot air soft guns in a controlled environment!


Spanish Fork, UT

Quickshot Games


Each player shoots 6 shots. Start with your gun in your holster, wait for the green light, draw your...

Open Range

Cause everyone needs to practice behind the barn from time to time. Time from green light to target ...

Quick Trigger

Each player shoots 6 shots. Gun is drawn, cocked, and aimed at target. Pull the trigger as soon as t...

Jumpin' the Gun

Each player shoots 6 shots. Try to get as close to zero as possible by GUESSING when the light will ...

2 Winks

Each player shoots 6 shots. The goal is to hit the target as close to 2 seconds after the green ligh...


Each player shoots 6 shots. The goal is to hit the target as close to 8 seconds after the green ligh...

Snake Eyes

Each player shoots 6 shots. Your first shot is registering a score (whatever you want it to be) and ...

El Trio

Each player gets 6 shots. The first two are scored on Quick Trigger (testin' those reflexes). Shots ...

Gut Check

Each player gets 6 shots. Three games in one. Jumpin' The Gun (guess when light will flash green), Q...

Head to Head Shootout

Each player gets 6 shots. Quickshot shooting rules. Try to beat the person shooting next to you. You...

Dead or Alive

Each player gets 1 shot to beat the player next to them. Quickshot shooting rules. Players are elimi...

Tall Hog at the Trough

Each player shoots their 6 shots. Best time is the time to beat. Everyone besides the shooter with t...